Each team will play 3 games in the tournament. Teams will be seeded and placed in two pools for the first 2 matches of the tournament. Each team’s finish in pool play will determine their placement in the trophy round matches.

A match tied at the end of regulation during the Pool Play Round and 5th Place match will go directly to a shootout.

A match tied at the end of regulation during the 3rd Place and Championship matches will have two-five minute sudden death overtime periods. If it is still tied at the end of overtime, the game will move directly into a shootout.

Schedule Notes:

  • The Schedule is set up so no team will be playing in back to back game slots.
  • Thursday’s matchup will be between teams in closer proximity to Cambridge to alleviate travel concerns
  • Pool play will consist of playing each of the other two teams in your pool
  • Pool round game slots will alternate between the two pools
#1 Cambridge#2 St. Cloud
#4 Immanuel#3 Rochester
#6 Foreston#5 Willmar

Tie Breaker at End of Pool Round

  1. Total goals allowed
  2. Total goals scored
  3. Coin Flip

Thursday, October 26 Match Times

4:00 PMPool A#1 Cambridgevs#6 Foreston

Friday, October 27 Match Times

9:00 AMPool B#2 St. Cloudvs#5 Willmar
10:45 AMPool A#4 Immanuelvs#6 Foreston
12:30 PMPool B#3 Rochester vs#5 Willmar
2:15 PMPool A#1 Cambridgevs#4 Immanuel
4:00 PMPool B#2 St. Cloud vs#3 Rochester

Saturday, October 28 Match Times (Higher seeded team will be the home team)

9:30 AM5th Place(3rd place Pool A vs. 3rd place Pool B)
11:15 AM3rd Place(2nd place Pool A vs. 2nd Place Pool B)
1:00 PMChampionship(1st place Pool A vs. 1st Place Pool B)

Trophies will be given to 1st, 2nd, and 3rd Place finishers (note there is no trophy given for the 5th place game)
Awards ceremony will be held in the gym immediately following the Championship games on Saturday.